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If you would like to share your stories about the Inn, please e-mail us. We May publish it on our site or in a publication.
Folklore has it that the store originally on the property would be open year round and did not always have someone at the cash register. There would be just a note saying, "Went to town. Leave your money on the counter. Be back soon." Amazingly enough, customers left their money on the counter and other visitors did not take the money left behind.
The store was renovated in 1998 and again in 2014. Prior to the first renovation, it had an apartment with a living room, kitchen, bath and three bedrooms with no closets. It was very convenient to live in the apartment where you would only need to listen for the old cowbell to ring when a customer came in. After serving the customer, you could go back to the apartment and continue fixing dinner or whatever you were doing earlier. However, there were a lot of pots and pans burned when a customer came and talked for a while or couldn't make up their mind on what they were going to purchase. The Inn also had a Crown gas pump on the front of the store, as well as hitching posts for horses. It even survived a fire at one point in its history. The second renovation of the store turned it into what is now Cabin 4.
Hunters would also come to the Inn on a regular basis. At one time, they would hang their deer all the way across the front porch of the store showing their catch of the day.
The CC Camps: The Inn had booths in the front of the store where meals where served for the men of the old Civilian Conservation Corps or CC camps of the 1930's. There was an old wood stove where the men would tell stories of hunting, fishing, and share memories of family member they had to leave behind to help support them. They would send nearly all of their earnings home. Visitors from that era still come to the Inn and share their memories with their families.
Jim and Rose Elsy purchased the Inn in the 1970's and renovated each building, one at a time. The cabins consisted of an outer shell, linoleum floors, a fireplace or wood stove and no restrooms! Each cabin was filled with the old sprint beds and was mostly rented to hunters that didn't mind the lack of necessities.
Alex, the Yellow Lab: Many visitors have many memories of the local yellow lab, named Alex. He would escape from his home around the corner and visit the cabin people. We call it "cabin fever." He always loved to eat with the families, catch a hot dog now and then or play with the visitor's children or pets. He has been known to go on adventures like cross country skiing, mountain biking, swimming at Swallow Falls along the Yough of take a 20 mile hike. Got a memory about Alex? E-mail us.